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Why Comply with CBD QR Code Requirements?

One of the key factors in U.S. states legalization of hemp and CBD products has been the development of QR code requirements to make information regarding product ingredients and testing results more easily available for consumers. The use of QR codes on CBD products has become mandatory in several states, and more are expected to follow suit. CBD QR code compliance does more than provide a better consumer experience, it also streamlines legal requirements around testing and prevents manufacturers from facing fines and potential lawsuits.

Some CBD producers may see QR code compliance as a layer of complicated red tape. Why put all the effort into creating product fact sheets and QR codes? But many state governments and retailers see QR codes as a streamlined way to ensure products are safe for the public, and they’ve become a stamp of authenticity for retailers and consumers. Creating CBD product pages and QR codes can be time consuming and complicated, which is why we’re here. We help streamline the process and get your products QR compliant and ready for sale no matter how many states you sell in.

Why QR Codes for CBD?

In Europe and North America, the use of product QR codes has nearly doubled since smartphones integrated QR code readers into their phone applications in 2017. This has led to easier product scanning, and U.S. legislators have come to view the technology as a simple way for consumers to access CBD lab results and other product information such as ingredients.

CBD QR Code Legal Requirements

In most states where hemp and CBD products have been legalized, manufacturers must provide detailed information about batch size, ingredients and additives, concentration of THC, expiration date, and additional information depending on the state. QR codes are a relatively simple way to provide all required information without having to print an extensive insert in each package. By scanning a QR code, resellers and consumers can quickly access an online fact sheet that contains all required information.

State QR Code Requirements

Hemp and CBD legislation is still being formed, and the laws and implementing regulations vary between states where hemp and CBD are already legal. In order to comply with each state’s rules, we developed this website as a resource and a way to simplify your QR code compliance.

If you already have a website dedicated to listing each product labeling requirement for each state, then keep an eye on our state pages to stay up to date on the latest changes in the laws for each state.  We can help you stay in compliance by making sure that the information on your website provides all of the required product information for each state. 

If you’re just getting started, or you don’t have the infrastructure to build and maintain multiple product pages that meet the QR code requirements for each state in which you sell, we can help you simplify the process and get you “QR Code Compliant.”

How We Help You Comply

CBD QR code compliance regulations are complicated. The rules are shifting. Requirements are still being debated in numerous states across the country. So, how do you know whether you’re meeting state CBD requirements, in particular QR code compliance? We’re here to help.

QR Code ComplianceTM was founded by an attorney who’s been following hemp legislation from the beginning. We’ve watched hemp laws evolve, and we’ve monitored federal regulations in the hemp and hemp-derived CBD arenas. We founded the company to help you navigate the ever-changing rules around lab testing, regulations, and labeling requirements.

All signs point to future hemp/CBD regulations that will require increasingly strict requirements for certified testing and labeling requirements. When you need help deciphering the laws, we’re here with information to help. We also developed a proprietary system for creating compliant QR codes and product pages.

State testing and labeling requirements span a wide spectrum. We monitor the situation so you can spend your time on product development and better serving your customers.

With QR Code Compliance,TM you have a partner in meeting compliance with state and federal regulations. Our system is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of CBD manufacturers and retailers. Have questions about us or our service? Reach out. We’re here to help.