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CBD QR code compliance simplified.

Where and how you sell matters.

If you’re a hemp product manufacturer, a producer or reseller of white label CBD products, or you’re considering entering the CBD consumables market, you need to understand CBD QR code labeling regulations. QR code labeling requirements vary by state, and failure to comply could cost you merchandise, money, and time.

QR Code Compliance, PLLC was founded by an attorney who has successfully assisted CBD and hemp product manufacturers in securing trademarks and ensuring their products meet (or exceed) state QR code labeling regulations. We have developed a proprietary QR generation platform that enables you to create fully compliant QR codes for all your CBD products. Explore the site to learn how we can help you get (and stay) QR code compliant.

Not sure where the laws stand? Click the button below the map to view current regulation updates.

Current QR code legislation by state

CBD laws are changing rapidly. States in green have proposed some type of QR code requirement on product labeling. Click each state to view the latest updates from that state. Want to know what could be coming down the pipeline? Click the button below the map to view additional regulations under consideration.

QR Code Compliance

QR Code Generation

QR code requirements vary by state. With our proprietary CBD product QR code generator, you’re able to select the states in which you sell and generate compliant QR codes for all your products.

QR Code Compliance

CBD Regulations

Where you sell matters. Different states have different requirements, and you’ll need to be compliant in each state where you sell. We maintain fact sheets with the latest CBD compliance information for each state in the U.S.

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